Mould Removal

Mould is Harmful and Unhelpful and apart from being unsightly can and must be treated.

Restore and Revitalize Areas- Ceilings, Walls, Tile Grout, Cupboards,Window Suurounds etc.

Method: We kill the mould and wash area continualy until completely removed.

We can apply anti mould products to area to maintain restoration.

We check for Causes such as no natural ventilation/ lack of ventalation or dampness etc.


Windows and Gutters

Internal and External

Gutter Cleaned – Repaired/ Leaks etc – Replaced

PVC Cleaned Also

Old Cast Iron Gutters- Cleaned – Repaired and Painted


Deep Cleansing

A deep cleansing of a rented property to be ready for new tenants.- or apartments, offices, houses , commercial etc.

From top to bottom, Room by Room,


Bathrooms (completely sprayed – toilet seats replaced etc)

Kitchens РAll appliances and kitchens  hygienically cleaned for E.coli etc

Carpets,Walls,Door Handles,Glass all cleaned.

Paint Touch ups were required.

Maintenance Repairs also.

Give yourself peace of mind.


Driveways ,Tarmac & Cobblelock etc

Remove/Kill – Moss, Algae, Lichen on Tarmac driveways, roofs (tile or slate) / Bricks, Walls, Concrete etc.

Restore Tarmac,Paths, Driveways etc

Clean & Tarseal (Re-darken)

Restore Cobblelock Patios and Driveways – Remove Weeds,Moss,Dirt- Power-wash and Resand

Restore Concrete (Imprinting) driveways- change colour and reseal.

Weed Control & Grass Cutting


Graffiti – Brick/Stone Cleaned

Graffiti  РRemoval of inks- crayon marks- Marker Stains and More from wall,wood,plastic,brick etc

Brickwork Cleaned – Removal of Efflorescence (White Appearance on Bricks) grime and dirt deposits

Stone – Restore Natural stone to its original beauty. Remove soil,stains and grime etc



Gutter Replacement Services –New PVC

Painting – Window Sils, Walls,Gates Gutters etc

Gardens Cleaned – Shores Unblocked,Leaves,Weeds,Sheds etc

Rebuilt/Repaired – Old Walls and Broken Pillars or Loose Cappings etc

Chimney Guards Installed – Broken Tiles Replaced

Decking – Cleaned Restored and Repainted

Patio Cleaning

All General Household and Commercial Maintenance undertaken… No Job Too Small!